Pedometers, Heart Rate Monitors, and Other Accessories for Nordic Walking

Nordic walking

In addition to clothing, you should consider several other items when going for both short and long hikes. Since hydration is essential, you can conveniently carry water or electrolyte drinks with a water bottle clip or belt pack around your waist. Consider carrying a backpack for items such as clothing, snacks, car keys, cell phone, identification, and contact information in case of an emergency. If you enjoy rhythmic walking, or are just inspired by music, you can easily carry an MP3 player in a case that fits on a belt or an armband.
For tracking performance, consider carrying a pedometer, a GPS, or a heart rate monitor. A lot of emphasis has been placed on pedometers in recent years, due to the 10,000 steps a day awareness campaign first inspired by the U.S. Surgeon General’s recommendation to increase daily activity to at least 30 minutes a day. At 2,000 steps per mile, the program goals are meant to encourage individuals to walk 5 miles a day which will help surpass the Surgeon General’s guidelines. Worn on the waist, pedometers measure vertical acceleration of the body which can be detected when each step is taken. They can be a great, inexpensive tool that is lightweight and easy to use; however, they are typically more reliable for faster walking and running paces. They are unable to detect changes in walking speed since stride length is typically pre-set, but they appear to function equally good on various types of terrain. Pedometers range in price from $5-$90, where the more expensive models are included on a watch with a heart rate monitor. Many of them calculate total mileage, speed, and even caloric expenditure although this feature has not been shown to be a valid measure.
On the other hand, accelerometers are an emerging fitness tool that takes the pedometer one step further. Because they measure both acceleration and deceleration proportional to muscular force, they can more accurately detect caloric expenditure, although the strongest correlation for caloric estimates is still through the use of heart rate. A nice feature of accelerometers is that they can be worn on the waist or the limbs, as has been seen with manufacturers such as Nike who place the accelerometer on the wrist or conveniently within the heel of their shoes. Another advantage of the device is that it can detect changes in intensity and provide more accurate information for some one who is varying their workout speeds within the routine. For these reasons, they are typically the most objective and detailed physical activity data sources for research purposes to date. However, accelerometers typically only record a single plane of movement; therefore, they are not ideal for cycling, swimming, or weight lifting. Similar to pedometers, they can record time and speed, and are often are coupled with other technology on the device such as a heart rate monitor and range in prices from $40-$200 for commercial models.
If you want to track your mileage most accurately, the more recent wristband GPS devices are not only sleeker, but they track virtually any metric you can possibly be interested in including: location, distance, time, altitude, temperature, calories, and heart rate as well. Watch style GPS devices manufactured by brands such as Garmin and Suunto typically range from $150-$300. If you are not interested in all of those options and only want to focus on heart rate, there are a myriad of heart rate monitor options at price points ranging from $50-$250. One of the most prominent heart rate monitor brands is Polar. Price differences account for the ability to not only measure heart rate, but track target heart rate zones, and caloric expenditure with the more sophisticated models having download capabilities to report trends over time for long-term training goals.

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