What is Nordic walking

In this article you will find out about Nordic walking.
Firstly, we will study the main elements of the sports, then its health benefits.

Let's examine the main characteristics of Nordic walking.
Nordic walking is an outdoor sport, to be done on a flat or rolling terrain, this type of work is considered a sport compared with regular walking, as it done at a quicker pace.

Nordic walking distinguieshes itself from other forms of competitive walking, as it uses specially designed poles to help propel the body forward.

Here are some of the health benefits of Nordic walkin :
Firstly, it is great way to relax and get some fresh air, using the walking poles forces the chest to stay upright, and opens up the ribcage, this is in turn allows for better oxygenation, up to 60% more than regular walking.

Secondly, thanks to its use of poles, Nordic walking uses all the muscles in the body, that way the body burns up to 40% more colories than during a regular walking, meaning Nordic walking can help you lose weight.

Finaly, Nordic walking is particularly well-suited to people who do not to excessive strain on their joints.
It doesn't require the use of your joints as much as your strides when running, and when the poles propel the body forward, they take some of the body's weight off the joints.
Wether you wish to get some fresh air, exercise all the muscles in your body, lose weight, or increase your stamina while going  easy on your joints, Nordic walking is made for you.
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