How to choose Nordic walking shoes ?

Nordic walking

In this article you are going to learn  how to choose shoes that are suitable For Nordic walking.
In order to choose shoes well-suited to Nordic walking, three criteria must be respected :

1- Nordic walking shoes must protect your feet well.
You shoes need soles thick enough to protect your feet from the roads unnevenness, they need air holes which allow for ventilation and evecution of sweat, this will allow youu to keep your feet dry, which is more comfortable.
Furthermore, we advise you to wear waterproof shoes when walking during rainy weather.
Finally, it is important for your shoes to firmly grasp your heels, in order to avoid friction and rubbing.

2- Your Nordic walking shoes must be flexible.
throughout the walk, the feet naturally contact the ground in a rolling action from the heel to the toes,  for the foots rolling action to be regular, the thickness of the heels must be only slightly greater than the thickness of the points.
To facilitate the feets unrolling, the soles must be as flexible as possible, test the flexibility of your shoes sole, by folding it over lengthwise with your hands, the easier the shoe folds the more its sole is flexible.
Choose lowe shoes, they are more flexible than high-top shoes, and let your ankles retain their freedom of movement.

3- Your Nordic walking shoes must adhere well to the ground.
Choose  shoes whose soles have excellent grip, good grip of the sole will allow your foot to get most out of every stride.
You now know what elements to take into account when Choosing shoes for Nordic walks, so have fun on the road.
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