How to choose the best poles for Nordic walking

Nordic walking

In this article you are going to learn how to choose the best walking poles, specifically designed for Nordic walking.

First, we will see how to recognize a Nordic walking poles from other types of walking sticks, then we will look at what kind of pole to choose for Nordic walker's, who practice the sport regularly.

1-How to distinguish Nordic walking poles from other walking sticks ? 
there are many types of walking poles and sticks, depending on the type of walking being done.
Nordic walking poles can be recognized by their glove straps at the wrist, and their beveled ends, the straps unlike those of other walking poles, fixed firmly to the wrist like a glove.
It's normally possible to detach them fully from the stick, making it easy to quickly pick up or take objects, such as a water bottle.

The rubber also known as paws at the bottom of Nordic walking are beveles, so that they hug the ground upon making contact with it, they can also be removed to reveal a tungsten tip, normally used to dig into loose ground.

2- what type of Nordic poles should i choose if i walk regularly ?
If you practice Nordic walking more than twice a month, you can be classed as a regular Nordic walker.
In this case you will need specifically designed Nordick walking equipment.
We advise you to choose fixed length poles as they are generally stronger, and better at absorbing shocks and vibrations.
Although telescopic and folding poles are more easily transported, they tend to absorb vibrations poorly, and not often more fragile, they are more suitable for occosional use only.
Now You Know how to choose poles specific for Nordic walking, the path is yours.
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