Do not do these 6 mistakes to perfect your movement / Nordic walking.

Nordic walking

To perfect your movement try to avoid these 6 mistakes : 

1- Ambling 
Coordinating your arms and legs, can be difficualt at the beginning, ambling is when you swing the arm and leg from the same side forward while walking.
To resume, to opposite arm to leg movement, neccessary for regular and Nordic walking, Stop. Then start again on the right foot, you could also jog for afew meters, then resume your walk with a correct codence without stoping.
The movement will help you coordinate your arms ans legs again, by jogging your body will not naturally assume the right movement.

2- Lack of synchronization between your arms and legs.
The rythm of your arms, must be the same as that of your legs, remember that each time you plant a pole, is equal to a step, to help yourself count rythmically, one, two, one two, one two ... while making sure that  each number corresponds to a step, and planting of the pole.

3- Walking with your arm tucked in.
Make sure to stretch your arms in the ascending and descending phases of the swing.

4- An incomplet forward thrust.
Beginners often limit the breath of the push of their arms on the pole.
To avaoid this error, during the forward thrust make sure to reach out far behind you with your arms extended, while letting the poles handles.

5- Planting the poles too far ahead.
If you plant the poles too far in front of you, the ankle in relation to the bground will not allow you to push yourself forward.
As a general rule, plant your poles midway through your strides.

6- Bad posture.
Do not curve your back, keep it straight and look straight in front you, a straight posture is essential for keeping the walk dynamic, and maximazing its benefits.
Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you can perfect your movement.
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