Basic movement for Nordic walking

Nordic walking

In this article you are going to learn the basic movement for Nordic walking.

First of all, the main elements of the nordic walking movement.
Nordic walking amplifies the movement of ordinary walking in order to produce gains in speed.
The walker walks with a straight back, looking straight ahead into the distance in front of them, in order to open the ribcage to improve breathing.
In addition to this, using walking poles help to pick up the pace.

In general, the walker places the poles in turn on either side of their feet, so that they can land in the middle of their stride, the angle of the poles in relation to the ground, makes propulsion easier, when the walker places the poles down on the ground, they grip them tightly in order to control the push forward.
After the pushing forward the walker, let's go of the handle by opening their han towards the inside of their body, the arm is therefore able to move through a more fullrange of movement, and swing without damaging the wrist.
Now we propose a practice exercise to help make Nordic walking actions second nature, do this exercise on flat ground, which is along enough for you to do several strides.

Firstly, attach the glove wrist to your wrist, and let go of the handles of the poles.
Start to walk slowly, arms along side your body, leaving the poles to trail behind you without holding onto the handles.

Secondly, significantly increase your walking speed, move your arms like pendulum, gradually increasing the swinging action action, you'll notice that the poles plant themselves on the ground.

Thirdly, grip the handles of the poles when they stick into the ground to be able to push off from them.
Once you've pushed off using the poles, allow your arms to continue behind you, letting of the handle, open up your hand and turn it towards yourself, so that your palm is facing behind you.
when your arms swing back in front of you, take hold of the pole handle again, to propel yourself forward once again.
Practice this exercise until the movement becomes natural for you.
Now you know how to do basic movement of Nordic walking.
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